MNstarter 2017 Goals



The books are closed on 2016 and it’s time to see what’s in store for 2017. Equity Crowdfunding is helping to make investing in Minnesota startups more transparent, efficient, and open. is where Minnesota businesses and investors can connect. Here we’ll share with you our top 2017 goals.


We’re thrilled to recognize that Minnesota already has an amazing ecosystem to support new businesses, so we’ve spent months tapping into teams that are excited to see growth of this new MNvest capital market. As a result, the services we offer take entrepreneurs and investors from “Interest to Issuance.” Curious about how MNstarter campaigns work? Send us a message today. 


Goals for 2017


Goal 1: Launch portal to offer businesses a place to list their capital campaigns with no listing fee. The MNstarter portal is built and ready for approval from the MN Department of Commerce. What’s the hold up? Our team is putting extra care into our privacy and security policy, because we believe your data and privacy is important to keep safe.


We’re accepting campaign applications to help Minnesota businesses reach their capital funding goals. If you want to learn more about running a MNstarter campaign of your own, send us a message.


Goal 2: Offer MNstarter campaigners access to a network of resources to make their campaigns a success. The MNstarter network is growing. We work closely with entrepreneurs to understand their business goals and make connections with experienced professionals to organize and execute. From legal teams to marketing agencies, we’ll connect you with the people to get setup for success.


Goal 3: Educate Minnesotans about startup investing. Our state’s equity crowdfunding market is brand new and open to all Minnesotans. First-time investors will benefit from getting to know how to assess deals and what to look for in a founding team. Even seasoned investors are curious to know the details of how campaigns work. We’ll be creating opportunities for these conversations to happen and crowdsourcing published content to educate investors of all levels.


Goal 4: Build our network of Minnesota entrepreneurs and investors. We’re at the earliest stage of this new investment market. It’s up to us and our growing crowd of supporters to introduce this new way of funding to even more businesses and investors throughout Minnesota.


We’re lucky to have many experienced teams and resources already working to build and support the Minnesota startup ecosystem. It’s our mission to be a connector for these industry and regional networks; to find funding from all over Minnesota because ultimately, we’re going to see success through collaboration. The better the crowd is connected, the more we’ll see successful businesses grown here at home.


We’ll continue to push the boundaries of what traditional capital investing look and feels like while finding new innovative ways to support successful capital campaigns here in Minnesota. It’s important for us to experiment with just what plain works for Minnesotans.

Does your business need to raise capital? Learn how to reach your funding goals through a MNstarter campaign. Send us a message.