Cleantech Open- Midwest Semifinalists Announced

     As the world continues to use vital, non-renewable resources at an extremely high rate, the ability to find clean technology becomes increasingly important. The Cleantech Open proves to be an extremely significant promoter of such clean technologies in the United States and it acts as one of the oldest and largest cleantech startup accelerator programs. Its mission is to find, fund, and foster the most promising cleantech startups in order to solve the greatest environmental and energy challenges. The organization helps to connect these crucial startups with the people and resources that will help to accelerate their success.

The Midwest portion of the Cleantech Organization works to help move companies with globally important missions in order to make a larger impact on the world. Generally, the Midwest organization focuses on three main goals:

1.     The acceleration of startup businesses in structured programs and events

2.     Partnering with local, regional and national organizations

3.     Partnering with corporations, governments, and foundations to support their innovation goals

This year’s semifinalist Cleantech organizations show extreme promise in their innovative ideas to build the world in a more sustainable way. Not only are the companies providing new and exciting ways to help the world, but they also promote equality in their staff: The 25 semifinalist organizations not only have a large portion of female CEO’s, but also many of the business teams are being led by student CEOs.

Although all of the Cleantech organizations provide incredible ideas to help expand the world in sustainable ways, each company has very different ways of doing it. For example, Reinvia is a new food waste solution that helps to create environmentally and economically sustainable products through processing separated food waste and using it as organic compost. Another Cleantech semifinalist is the Mackinac Technology Company which is developing a window covering system that will help to improve the insulation value of existing windows. Through these covers, a large amount of energy will be saved. Another company that is close to home is PneumaCC, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The founders of this company aim to improve health through different air filtration products. Their aim is to create smart, simple, and affordable products. To read about all of the Semifinalists in the Cleantech Open- Midwest, visit