How To: Avoid One Of The Biggest Startup Killers

Get the tools to stay on brand, stay on message and speak directly to your target market.

Most startups are so excited to announce their genius to the world, that they end up “throwing up” all over potential clients and referral partners. Let’s be honest, anyone who asks the question, “What do you do?”, usually ends up with an earful.

We’ve been there in startup land, where you are so excited about this idea, this business, this product, that you cannot wait to tell the whole-wide world about it.

You can spend hours talking about the finer details and inner workings of your business. You may even mention the algorithms, explain what the coloring of your brand means to how each piece of your business works.

Here’s the rub, no one really cares.

So what do they care about?

You’ve heard it many times before, even may have read it in a book. The magic is in explaining how your business makes their lives better, makes them prettier, makes them wealthier, makes them healthier and even makes them smarter.

When you focus on who your customers are (your target market), you are able to refine your message to speak directly to their soul. When you find that messaging, make sure to stay consistent in all of your media, including you.

One of the top issues new startups struggle with is getting their message optimized to attract, engage, and convert.

It’s time to get consistent!

Dig deep, talk to your audience, address their needs, wants, and desires.

Then, document it, get those keywords, phrases, descriptions written out – and then apply liberally to everything!

  • Social media

  • Web

  • Print

  • In person

  • In email

Then get those key phrases out to your web designer, your social media guru, your printer, add them to your bio, use them in your tagline – in other words, incorporate them in everything you do, say and promote.

Keywords to Launch

Keywords to Launch worksheet gives you easily identifiable sections to ensure your keywords, phrases and descriptions are optimized to help your target audience find you, like you and want to buy from you.

From your elevator pitch to your mantra, to your focus. This isn’t a quick exercise, but it is a powerful one.


Grab this worksheet now and launch into this world with ease!



Lisa Zufall

Lisa is the Founder of Idea2Launch, an accelerator consulting service that partners with recognized business leaders to help entrepreneurs take their dreams and make them in to a reality. Lisa and her team are “match-making” entrepreneurs with the right resources to launch their businesses.