How does investing work?

Equity investing means you own a piece of the company. This is a long term relationship between the business and the investor. All transactions take place through our banking partner, Sunrise Banks.

What is equity crowdfunding?

With equity crowdfunding, you get an ownership stake in the company you support. MNstarter is an equity crowdfunding portal that allows Minnesotans to investment in local, innovative businesses. Like all investing, equity crowdfunding has risks. All or a portion of your investment could be lost.

Who can invest?

Any Minnesota resident, 18 years and older can invest, as well as any eligible entity.

How much can I invest?

Investors will have investment maximums based on a few factors, including earnings, net worth, etc.


Each campaign issuing company decides how much money they want to raise, what they want to offer, and what the price should be. The terms of their offer are listed on their campaign page.

What information do I receive before and after investing? 

Before you invest, each company is required to show how they plan to use the money raised and other financial information. After investing, each company is required to routinely share information about how their businesses are doing.