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At MNstarter we connect local businesses with local investors for the newest way to buy local (businesses). Get started here and explore the emerging Minnesota equity crowdfunding market.


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Looking to raise capital? Start by creating a profile that gives an overview of the business and funding goals.

The MNstarter team reviews all newly created Profiles to make sure they are a good fit.


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Each business offers a security in exchange for funding. The security could be equity or debt. Equity is ownership in the form of stock shares or LLC membership units with a price set by the business. Debt may be a promissory note that a business has to repay.

Decide your minimum goal, maximum goal, and the length of the campaign.


MNstarter is a powerful place to market your capital campaign. As soon as your Profile goes public, your campaign is ready to share with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, customers, and influencers.


Any Minnesotan can find, view and make an investment in your company right from MNstarter.com. These transactions are processed by our banking partner Sunrise Banks and held in an escrow account until your minimum goal is reached.


When a business reached their minimum campaign goal, access to the funds is granted. If the minimum goal is met before the end of the campaign, investments can still be made until the maximum goal is met or the end date arrives.



HOW Investing WORKS

Current investment opportunities are available here. You'll see company bios, campaign terms, and investment resources for each MNstarter campaign.



All investments have risk. It is your responsibility as an investor to assess the opportunity and determine if you want to invest based on it's merit. 



In exchange for investing, you get a either a share of the business or a promise to be repaid. All investments are long-term investments and you should not expect to be able to demand your money back.



Stay in touch with your investment through investor updates. 



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